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  • Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the vulnerable communities by creating awareness and sharing verified information about adopting prescribed protection measures through awareness vans, local media and digital messages.
  • Engage with the government and raise the issue of providing immediate economic assistance to the informal sector workforce on public platforms.
  • Advocate with the government on the immediate need for strengthening public healthcare system by allocating more funds to it.
  • Installation of ‘Portable Hand Wash Stations’ at important places like Hospital, Panchayat, Health Centres, and at important places at community level also.
  • Distribute Safety Kit containing Protective Gears/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) among the frontline health workers and caregivers in our intervention areas, as well as the community members to help prevent the spread of infection. (N- 95 Masks, Hand Sanitisers, Gloves, Medical Aprons, Disposable Goggles, Handwashing Liquid)

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"We" transform young lives by Protecting and nurturing vulnerable children and youth Igniting the spark in young women to pursue higher education Creating livelihoods through digital education and skilling Advocating the rights of children and youth

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